How To Add Funnel Steps

In this article we will look at how you can add a new funnel step to your flow in simple steps. The first thing you want to do is log into your Lazycom account.

Click on the funnel dropdown menu and click “flows”

The next thing you want to do is click to select the flow you want to add more funnel steps

On the next page you want to click the button to that says “add new step”

The next step is to click “create your own”

On the next page, select the type of funnel step you want to add (checkout step, thank you step, optin step, landing page) to make the button active

Once you have your funnel step type selected, click on the button to create your step and a dialogue box will pop up, type in the name of your new step and click “Create Step” and wait for step to be created and redirected to your flow page.

At this point, your new step is created and you can now drag it around to where you want it to be on your steps and start editing the content.