How To Add Custom Domain

In this short guide, we will look at how you can add your own custom domain, inside Lazycom. The first thing you want to do, is log into your account and locate “account”

The next step is to locate the “add domain” option inside your account as seen from the image below

Simply click on the orange button that says “add domain” and you should see a window as shown below

The next step is create a CNAME record on your domain registrar pointing to (you can search your registrar documentation on how to create a CNAME record). When done, click on the button “next step”. This step is very important, if not done right, the custom domain won’t work properly.

This step is easy, just add your domain name and turn on the toggle menu to make your domain name primary and then click the orange button “Add Domain” and you will be redirected to the page below

Give the domain some time to compete propagating and the “inactive” status should turn “active” and you should be done add your own unique domain